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Top Features To Look For In A Hot Tar Hose For Your Asphalt Sealing Business

When you work with hot tar, you have to be mindful of the tools that you use because the tar has to be at a hot temperature to be in a fluid enough state to work with and move. If you are in the asphalt sealing business, it will be critical that you have a good hot tar hose attached to your sealer tank to distribute the tar that you use to seal customer's driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces. You can't just pick any old tar hose up and expect it to serve you best. Here are a few features you should be looking for in the best hot tar hose. 

The tar hose has steel crimped couplings at joints and ends. 

Steel is one of the few metals that can aptly stand up to hot tar day after day. Therefore, when you pick out a tar hose, make sure you pay close attention to the metal couplings that are at the jointed sections of the hose and at the ends where the hose will be attached to other fixtures. The couplings should be made out of steel and crimped into shape and not pieced together. The pieced-together couplings will be more vulnerable to the heat of the tar and will fall apart much sooner than those that are made from a solid piece of steel. 

The tar hose boasts multiple plies of different textiles. 

A single-layer tar hose would never be able to stand up to the heat of hot tar every day. Pretty much every hose you find is going to be made out of multiple plies, but the best hoses are made from multiple plies of different textiles. The collaboration of the different material layers inside of the hose gives a greater strength and durability level overall, which means the hose will last you a lot longer before it has to be replaced. 

The tar hose offers a wire helix inside. 

A wire helix is going to give you the ultimate in strength and longevity where tar hoses are concerned, but not every hot tar hose you find will have a wire helix inside the structure of the hose. Make sure you look for a hose that offers a wire helix, which may not be visible but you will know it is there by the weight and rigor of the hose itself when you handle it. 

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