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4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Industrial Floor Scrubber

Industrial floor scrubbers have long been considered the best tool for cleaning hard flooring in a variety of commercial settings. Old dirty water is continually replaced with clean water, and the scrubber head constantly agitates the floor, allowing a floor scrubber to clean a hard surface much better than a mop ever could. 

Also, floor scrubbers clean a floor quickly, which is very important, especially when there are large areas to clean. If you are considering purchasing a floor scrubber, use the following tips:

1. Size of the Floor Scrubber

Prior to purchasing a floor scrubber, it is very important to think about how it will be used. This will determine what size floor scrubber you will need. A floor scrubber that will primarily be used to clean floors in hospital hallways doesn't need to be as large as the floor scrubber that will be cleaning a huge hotel lobby or a school gymnasium.

After you determine where the floor scrubber will be used, also keep in mind how it will be transported inside the facility. Some floor scrubbers can be quite wide, so you will need to pay careful attention to the machine measurements to ensure that it can fit through doorways and hallways without any problems.

2. Where the Floor Scrubber Be Drained and Refilled

Industrial floor scrubbers have large tanks that hold the clean water and the dirty water. You will need to consider where the drain ports are and have a plan for how you will empty the floor scrubber after it is used. Some models of floor scrubbers come equipped for long drain hoses to make emptying easier. Also, think about where the clean water port is and determine how you will fill up the floor scrubber at the facility where it will be used.

3. Make Sure That Charging Is Not a Problem

Most floor scrubbers have rechargeable batteries so they can be operated without the need for a bulky extension cord. Before buying a floor scrubber, make sure that you have an available space where you can plug it in to charge without the risk of overloading a circuit.

4. Have Storage

Floor scrubbers do an excellent job cleaning hard surfaces, but they usually are not small in size. In addition to thinking about the measurements of a floor scrubber to ensure that it can easily move through doorways and hallways, you will also need to make sure that you have ample space to store the floor scrubber when it is not in use. 

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