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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Steel Siding?

Choosing siding for a structure could be deemed as one of the most important decisions you will make. Not only does the siding of a building or home take up the most visual space, but it is also responsible for protecting the frame of the building. There are many choices where siding is concerned, but steel siding is probably one of the lesser-known varieties. Check out this short list of pros and cons of steel siding so you can better determine if it is the right siding choice for your structure. 

Pro: Steel siding is one of the more resilient forms of siding money can buy. 

Steel siding is highly resilient to wind and rain, UV rays, and even blunt force from hail or wind-tossed objects. You are probably not going to see your steel siding beaten and battered to a major extent during a storm. Likewise, it is resilient against corrosion if you live in an area close to the sea where there is a high salt content in the air. 

Con: Steel siding can be a little more expensive than some other types of siding. 

Steel siding is great with all of its advantages, but it can also be a little more costly than some other lesser-grade siding materials. For example, vinyl siding tends to really inexpensive compared to steel siding, which is for obvious reasons. While more costly, steel siding does usually last longer and will come with a longer warranty against defects. 

Pro: Steel siding comes in an array of different colors. 

Much like vinyl siding, you can get steel siding in just about any color you can come up with for your home or business. Steel siding is usually coated with a baked-on finish, and the finish can have color pigments added so you can easily get shades of red, brown, grey, or blue if you choose to do so. 

Con: Steel siding may be more likely to transfer heat and cold. 

Metal is highly conductive of hot and cold, which means if you have steel siding, you may have a little more of a concern about the metal absorbing heat on hot days or cold on cold days. However, as long as you have the proper insulation in your building, this hot and cold transfer should be no issue at all. Plus, some steel siding panels are coated with an insulative layer to ward off these issues. 

Contact your local structural steel supply company for more information and assistance. 

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